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Heat pump drying engineering dried persimmon

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Delicious dried persimmon is we all like to eat food, how delicious dried persimmon dry?

Delicious dried persimmon is we all like to eat food, how delicious dried persimmon dry?

Traditional dried persimmon dry process complex and dried cycle is long, microbial pollution is serious, today want to share the heat pump drying persimmon!

Persimmon contains a large number of moisture, and pectic substances such as tannin, fresh persimmon rigid juicy and astringency, made into soft sweet persimmon, must complete four changes!

Namely: (1) by the soluble tannin into insoluble, dried persimmon no acerbity;

(2) the original pectin, pectin, bring soft persimmon;

(3) moisture to evaporate, make the inclusion enrichment;

(4) inside the fruit sugar permeability, condenses into persimmon frost. Artificial roasted dried persimmon than natural tanning method the clean health, not affected by changes in the weather. Is a brief introduction to the operation of the technique of artificial roasted dried persimmon points, for your reference:

1, pick fruit. Choose fully mature, the timely recovery of raw material, good cake varieties of fruit do eliminate insect and fruit, soft fruit, stacked separately according to the size and maturity.

2, peel. The fruits of the same class before peeling off sepals, cut off peduncle, cleaning, dust, use thin stripped skin peeling machine. The leather to cut net, not leave skin, skin, retain only 0.5 cm wide leather cut around the stem.

3, baking. When baking furnace temperature high and low impact speed and quality of persimmon fruit dry. Should be changed according to low to high, low temperature gap baking. Namely initial temperature control in 40 ℃ or so, wait for after removing puckery for fruit softening, the furnace temperature 50 ℃ or so, the moisture to evaporate quickly, fruit water loss to 49.99%, cooled to 40 ℃ until baked into. Baked into the dried persimmon is standard, both inside and outside, hard and soft pulp exchange-rate flexibility, water loss rate of 65% to 70%. The early stage of the furnace temperature not too high, otherwise the activity of alcohol dehydrogenase is restrained, soluble tannin precipitation, bake the dried persimmon still astringent; Later also cannot too high temperature, high dried persimmon "shell" appeared. The baking process, the temperature is not less than 30 ℃, otherwise easy to mildew or fermentation; Also can't more than 70 ℃, otherwise the persimmon fruit, steamed, yellowish-brown, fruit jelly surface exudation, poor flavor.

Also pay attention to the ventilation, baking process in furnace must be well ventilated. Moisture can't discharge, poor ventilation, furnace, it is easy to mold, fermentation. Although after the ventilation can reduce furnace temperature, however, ventilation is better than high temperature airtight in low temperature.

4, pour plate. Due to the chamber temperature uneven, the rate of evaporation, at regular intervals will bake sieve position transfer, make each plate uniform drying, with the group. In order to improve the utilization rate of the oven and improve the quality of dried persimmon, can be divided into two groups, three groups of rotation.

5, mouldproof. Persimmon mildew have penicillium, rhizopus, mucor and aspergillus. Dried persimmon at high temperature and high humidity is easy to mold, so it is important to note. In addition to the equipment to clean health, baked fruit arranged loosely, pay attention to the flip, because the fruit structured or contact with bake sieve in moisture not easily escape, easy mold; Combining kneading smoothes out wrinkles, wrinkles in humidity is big, time grew also breeds misfortune.

6, the frost. Baked into the dried persimmon into a clean container heap upon, such as fruit surface soft rear cold cool fresh air, the fruit surface drying and then into the heap upon every 2-3 days to dry, so repeated many times to the early frost.

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