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Heat pump is essentially a lifting device, the high temperature heat pump drying units using the inverse cano principle, absorbs the heat from the surroundings, and pass it to the heated object (the object of higher temperature), it works the same as the refrigerator, works according to the reverse carnot cycle, the difference is only working temperature range is different.

High temperature heat pump drying units, mainly finned evaporator (machine), compressor, fin condenser (machine) and expansion valve of four parts, by making the working medium continuously complete evaporation (absorb heat from the outdoor environment) to compression, condensation (gives off heat drying room) indoors to throttle, thermodynamic cycle process of evaporation, again to the external environment at low temperature in the heat transfer to the drying room, under the action of refrigerant in the compressor circulating in the system. It made within the compressor gas booster heating process (temperature up to 100 ℃), heat release it into the machine high temperature heating drying room air, while being cooled and translated into flow liquid when it runs to the outside machine, rapid heat evaporating liquid into a gas again, at the same time, the temperature can fall to - 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, then will keep the air near heat absorber heat passed on to the refrigerant.



    High temperature heat pump drying units at work, with the ordinary air conditioning and heat pump units, absorb the energy in low temperature environment medium in the evaporator QA: it is part of the energy consumption, the compressor power consumption QB: through its working medium circulation system in the condenser heat release QC and QA + QC = QB, therefore the efficiency of the high temperature heat pump drying units for (QB + QC)/QB, and other heating equipment heating efficiency is less than 1, so the high temperature heat pump drying units heat efficiency than other heating equipment efficiency, it can be seen that using high temperature heat pump drying units as drying device can save energy, but also reduce the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants, to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.


A. Equipment design of profile:

Application characteristics and advantages:

1), through the operation condition of the control device, make the hot dry air temperature of the drying chamber between 10 to 75 ℃, can meet the high quality of most of the heat sensitive material drying requirements;

2), the energy conservation. Heating air in the heat pump dryer heat mainly comes from outdoor air drying of sensible heat and latent heat, only need to input energy heat pump compressor power consumption, and heat pump has the advantage of consumption can be a small amount of work for making a lot of heat, so heat pump dryers SMER (energy consumption unit to remove the water in the wet material component) usually is 1.0 ~ 4.0 kg/kWh, while traditional convection dryer SMER value is about 0.2 ~ 0.6 kg/kWh.

3), temperature and humidity control is convenient. Using intelligent control, automatic control temperature and humidity.

4), environmental friendly. Drying medium in the heat pump drying device in which the closed loop, no dust, volatile substances and odor with dry gas emissions to the environment caused by pollution; Drying chamber to heat directly by heat pump recovery of waste heat of exhaust air in person, not the unit heat pollution to the environment.

5), the application of the heat pump dryers materials widely. Suitable for dry material is mainly dry process tolerance temperature at 10 ~ 80 ℃ between categories of materials, or although materials can tolerate higher temperature, but the use of heat pump drying is energy saving material.

2. Shun all heat pump drying room performance characteristics:
1), easy installation, convenient installation, demolition, covers an area of less, can be installed in the indoor and outdoor;
2), the energy conservation: consumes only a small amount of electricity, can absorb a lot of heat in the air, power consumption is only 1/3 of the heater - a quarter; Compared with coal, oil, gas drying equipment, 75% or so of the operation cost can be saved. 1 KWH is equal to 3-4 KWH.
3), environmental protection, the combustion and emissions, is a kind of sustainable development and environmentally friendly products.
4), reliable operation, the operation of the whole system without the traditional dryer (fuel, gas, or electric heating) of the flammable, explosive, toxic, short circuit, such as risk, is a kind of reliable closed drying system.
5), long service life and low maintenance cost: is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology, mature technology, stable performance, reliable, long service life. Artificial operation, reliable operation, full automatic intelligent control.
6), easy to use, high degree of automation, intelligent: the automatic constant temperature device, 24-hour continuous dry homework.
7), the applicability is wide and is not affected by the climate: can be widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products processing industries such as heating drying operation

   Drying room size (length x width x height) about: 7000 * 2500 mm * 2100 mm

Drying room size: 5500 * 2400 * 2050 mm

Host by heat pump, heat drying room, heat exchanger, circulation fan, suction wet fan, control and detection system, etc.

1, equipment application environment requirements:

Five lines (1), the power supply requirements: three-phase 380 v + 10% for 50 hz plus or minus 1%

(2), power supply rated apparent power input: 19 or less kva

(3), the environment temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃ relative humidity: 90% or less

(4), can control temperature range: 10 ~ 75 ℃ is adjustable

2, main technical parameters: the heat pump host

(1), heat pump host model: 12 p

(2), the number of heat pump host: 1

(3), 12 p heat pump host power: 10 kw/Taiwan

(4), 12 p rated system heat pump host: 28 kw

(5), chamber average hourly water: 30-35 kg/h

6, host, size: 1570 * 710 * 1280 mm

All landowners, compressor: American valley round high temperature compressor (factory) the service life of 15 years


3, working principle

Heating process: material in the process of drying, high temperature heat pump host for cyclic heating chamber. When the temperature reaches the setting of the chamber in the (such as: temperature is set to 65 ℃) heat pump host to stop heating, when the temperature inside the chamber below the set value (such as: temperature is set to 60 ℃), heat pump host start heating.

The platoon is wet system, according to the humidity of drying room, by the system automatically control the platoon is wet (such as: humidity control instrument set to; Platoon is wet time setting for 15 minutes, wet platoon is wet fan open for 1 minute. Every 15 minutes, and humidity more than, suction fan opens for platoon is wet wet; But if time has been to 15 minutes

Chamber when the humidity is lower than, wet fan is still in the closed position, not to the platoon is wet. In a period of time, when the humidity to smoke wet air blower, the platoon is wet or close open 1 minute to start again after closing time 15 minutes, and humidity more than, and open the platoon is wet. In reciprocating cycle, to meet the requirements of drying).

Cold cold recycling: high temperature heat pump discharge by the host (5-10 ℃ lower than environment temperature), can be introduced by pipe workshop do cool to use. A 12 p mainframe, under the condition of no wind resistance, can produce about 5000-8000 - m per hour after the cold wind.

4, heat preservation chamber:

Insulation chamber made of 5 cm thick foam sandwich panels insulation board surface materials for the production of color steel plate. Chamber skeletons made of full stainless steel overall beautiful, durable, heat preservation effect is good.

Insulation chamber empty can be put inside the material cart size is: 1.5 * 1.0 * 1.85 m

Insulation design with hot air into the chamber side wind tuyere, produces the high temperature of hot air heat pump heat exchanger by high temperature, high humidity fan sent to the chamber inside of heat preservation material cart shelves above material drying dehydration; By other side inlet through the top of the hot air drying room again once again into the duct is heating, heat preservation to the heat exchanger heat pump in drying room inside. Produced by high temperature hot air heat pump heat exchanger so on heat preservation material within the chamber for circulation drying dehydration.

Note: material car according to the shapes and characters of the material by the customer custom, also can entrust my company on behalf of processing. In order to make the whole chamber internal material car each layer of material can be well and evenly receive the hot air heating, the distance between the materials and the drying room should be above the 5 to 12 cm, the gap between the cart and the cart should also be above 5-12 cm, overhead clearance between layer and layer (with the exception of material) in 5-10 centimeters of above.


5, heat exchanger:

Heat exchanger for our company according to different chamber size custom heat exchanger, heat exchanger, director of the material for the copper production, service life is long, not easy craze; Fin for superior heat transfer coefficient of the hydrophilic aluminum foil.

A single host configuration 1 set of 12 p heat pump heat exchanger, heat exchanger configuration 2 sets of high temperature, high humidity air volume of fan.

Chamber configuration 1 set of heat exchanger and four circulation fan, to ensure that the entire chamber inside the cart between different layers of material can be uniformly heated by hot air.

6, the circulation fan and suction wet fan:

A, circulation fan (high temperature, high humidity type fan) :

1), circulation fan power: 0.75 KW/Taiwan

2), air volume: after 8000 m/h

3), the number of circulation fan: 4

4), the circulation fan power: 1.5 KW/Taiwan

5), air volume: after 3800 m/h

B, wetted fan:

1) : wetted fan power: 0.75 KW/m

2) : quantity: 1

3), wetted by fan system intelligent control opening and closing time. (such as: set the platoon is wet time as every 15 minutes, smoke platoon is wet wet fan open for 1 minute).

7, control and test system:

(1), the equipment set up independent control system, the common button control. Heat pump can be the host of the switch at any time and temperature of drying room, the set of operations and monitor the running status of equipment (buyer send power to the equipment control cabinet).

(2), chamber internal installation are 1 sets of temperature sensors and humidity sensors, timely monitoring of temperature and humidity within the chamber.


8, equipment main components:

(1), heat preservation material, thickness, connection form: 50 mm thick insulation board, fastener connection.

(2), equipment list:

Order no.

The name says



Provide unit/core components


Insulation chamber


3 sets of


Heat pump host

12P、The high temperature


Valley wheel compressor


High temperature, high humidity fan





Wetted fan



9. Shun heat pump dryer internal configuration and parameters


Of the goods

The characteristics of

The manufacturer

Type 12P


Water inside the screw, high heat efficiency




Water inside the screw, high thermal efficiency




Original valley compressor wheel

The United States gulun


Throttling element:

Electronic expansion valve



Sheet metal:

Color with thick galvanized steel




10 period of touch screen control




High temperature, high humidity

fujian huada


Four-way valve




Gas-liquid separator




Ac contactor




High and low voltage protector




The wire


guangzhou zhujiang


Electric heat pipe








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