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     Zhucheng shun food machinery technology co., LTD. Is a collection of manufacturing and design research and development and the integration of the production of food machinery company, the company is located in the beautiful hometown of dinosaur, ShunDi hometown - shandong zhucheng. The geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient, convenient waterway, highway, railway.
     Company has purchasing department, technology department, production department, qc department, sales department, after-sales department, and other departments, the company spirit of "credit first, customer first" business philosophy, to create a number of management personnel and high-quality staff team, we through unremitting efforts, has now been independent research and development and improvement of dozens of products, nearly hundred kinds of models, the main products are: 1 smoked furnace series; 2 (vacuum) chopping machine series; 3 (vacuum) enema machine, punch machine, fast kink machine series; 4 (vacuum roll kneading machine series; Five vegetables cleaning line series; 6 dryer line series; 7 wear string machine series; 9 (vacuum) mixer series; 10 meat grinder series; 11 dicing machine series; 12 cutter series; 13 slicing machine series; 14 pasteurized production line series; 15 (vacuum) mixer series; 16 hoist series, etc. All products use raw materials seiko production, in line with the company strict quality requirements, to ensure that the equipment health, energy conservation, environmental protection, to achieve customer satisfaction. 
     The company adopts modern management methods, with excellent products and perfect after-sales service, wholeheartedly at your service.

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